Thursday, 16 February 2012

Some Symptoms and Signs of Black Magic and Supernatural

1.Continuous illness.

2.Suicidal tendencies.

3.Loss of peace, feels suffocated.

4.Sudden quarrels among the members of the family, without any reason.

5.Sterility without any medical reason.

6.Repeated miscarriages.

7.Sudden unnatural deaths in the family.

8.Ill-health of child.

9.Problems in the construction of house or any other building without any reason.

10.The unexplained change of behaviour.

11.Visual of evil spirit / ghost.

12.Feeling of being watch.

13.Relocation of item or sound from “human” activity without the presence of any “human”.

What the Master Does

1.Removal of black magic

2.Removal of evil spirit / ghost

The Master has 100% effective rate of removal of black magic and evil spirit.  Where ever you are in this world, either you or the victim need not meet with the Master for consultation. Please be descriptive of the symptoms or signs and consultation is performed by the Master in his place.

What the Master Doesn’t Do

1.Put black magic on any person

2.Return of black magic to its sender

Either sending or returning black magic is with the aim of revenge. Action and reaction, the sender will continue to send again and you will continue to return it again. The black magic can be lethal and the lethalness is escalating each time it is being sent. This is a vicious circle that will never end. In other word, neither your sadness nor anger will end in this circle. If you do not return black magic to its sender, you are giving yourself, the sender and the world a favor. Have peace in mind.

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Black Magic and Evil Spirit

Modern science is powerful, but there are cases beyond the reach of modern science yet.  
Stories of supernatural and black magic have been told since there was no internet, no telephone and no communication among different ethnics around the world. These are not by chance.

How may supernatural related to you? You may be moving into a building, which already occupied by the evil spirit. You may be performing construction activity disturbing the evil spirit, which already occupied the building or big natural things such as rock or tree.

How may black magic related to you? You may have made someone really upset onto you. Or you may be an obstacle to someone with evil in mind. Black magic is therefore upon request from the person who want avenge against you or merely to remove you being the obstacle. Whatever the reason may be, sending black magic is an act of evil. The Master does not send black magic or return black magic to the sender. Read What the Master Does + Doesn’t.